Nootropics, more popularly known as "smart supplements" - have risen in popularity over the last decade as people explore more ways to enhance their brain's power. Some of these products work by boosting oxygen levels in the brain, or by increasing the brain's levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that greatly affects learning, memory and mood.


Some nootropics actually stimulate the production of the nerve growth factor, leading to the development of new brain cells and more efficient impulse communication all over the entire central nervous system. As a result, a person learns things faster, and his memory becomes sharper.


Nootropics fall under three main classifications - racetams, stimulants and nutraceuticals. Each of these types work in unique ways with the common goal of improving brain function.  




Racetams act on the brain's acetylcholine levels, increasing them such that the person's memory, mood and overall mental agility are improved. These natural ADHD treatment supplements are known to benefit both analytical and creative skills.


b. Stimulants


While racetams work on the brain's capacity to learn new ideas, stimulants make sure the brain can focus enough to absorb the new learning. These best brain supplements also increase the brain's stress tolerance by improving energy levels, blood pressure, and respiration and cardiac rates.


c. Nutraceuticals


Nutraceuticals can be taken with the same frequency as racetams and stimulants, but their effects are not as pronounced. Though already proven in terms of their positive effects on brain activity, they can also be used to supplement treatments for more serious health conditions affecting the brain, such as Alzheimer's disease.  Know more about brains at http://future.wikia.com/wiki/Cognitive_enhancement.


Each type of nootropic clearly has its own role to play as far improving brain functions is concerned. But they can also be combined or "stacked" to produce a more powerful synergistic effect, wherein the result of combining the these three types of brain supplements becomes more powerful than the total result of their specific effects.


If you're planning to take nootropic supplements, it's important to note that their brain power-boosting effects will not come to you overnight. In fact, you will have to take them consistently over a period of time before you can see them working.



The idea is to choose the nootropic supplements that you consume, and most importantly, to get them from a reputable dealer that stocks fresh and authentic supplies. To compare different sellers, their products and rates, use the Internet. If you really want to know which product is the best, take time to compare your options.